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For the men in lungis

Dhaka, 19 April, Abnews: The Baridhara Housing Society’s ban on lungis is an instance of a society imposing itself more than necessary. Since when did lungis, our traditional garb, become a blemish on the modernisation of Dhaka? It is interesting to note that a group of like-minded individuals have decided to stand together and protest this insult.

Since news of the ban spread, there has been an outcry among the general public. To make the statement that the people will not stand for such discriminatory policies, a Lungi March was observed before Pohela Boishakh on the 13 April, from 5pm. The march had already attracted 14,000 people who confirmed their attendance on Facebook. The march started from Kemal Ataturk Avenue and made its way towards Baridhara. A stern message was sent. The land on which Baridhara and so many other residential areas stand on, was once owned by the people some among us are now trying to disown. The very lands sporting posh buildings and pavements lined with trees and shops were the lands snatched from men in lungis toiling day and night to make an honest day’s living. The men in lungis will now find solidarity from where least expected; from the men and women of a generation moving away from the traditional garb. The long march has attracted a lot of supporters, including Farah Ghuznavi, Korvi Rakshand, BD Cyclists, Rubaiya Ahmad, Amit Ahmed and Chowdhury Saheb of Moja Loss fame. Those confirming attendance and those showing their support from wherever they are help to exemplify that our nation shall no longer stand by and let others dictate the terms of our lives. No man or nation has gained anything by prostituting their identity for the pleasure of others. We shall be no different.

We, the people, are the definition of freedom and we the people, wearing our lungis, are the definition of identity. Tupac Shakur said, ‘The greatest loss is what dies inside while still alive; let us fight to preserve our identity and our freedom before we succumb to the two actual greatest losses in life. Let’s all march towards unity.’


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