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Iodine intake is necessary to avoid goiter

মে ১৪, ২০১৩Health

Dhaka, 14 May, Abnews : If thyroid gland grows larger than normal the patient has a condition known as goiter. In a broad sense, a goiter means that the entire thyroid gland is swollen or enlarged. Physicians say goiters are generally painless; however, if the gland gets very large the… বিস্তারিত »

Deadly SARS like virus in France

মে ১২, ২০১৩Health

Dhaka, 12 May, Abnews : French health authorities said early Sunday that a second person had contracted a deadly new SARS-like virus, after sharing a hospital ward with the first victim identified in the country. The virus, known as nCoV-EMC, is a cousin of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS), which… বিস্তারিত »

Reshma is all right : Physicians

মে ১১, ২০১৩Health

Savar, 11 May, Abnews : Physicians today said the miracle girl Reshma Begum, who was amazingly retrieved alive from under the rubble, 16 days after an eight-story building collapsed at suburban Savar, was perfectly well. Her (Reshma) health condition is completely good and she has started to take regular foods…. বিস্তারিত »

HIV/AIDS : It is time to prevent

মে ১১, ২০১৩Health

Dhaka, 11 May, Abnews : Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS) is not only a deadly disease, it has also been identified as a social and development problem across the world. The HIV and AIDS have been spreading more or less to almost every country of the world. The root of the… বিস্তারিত »

Latin America threatened with cancer epidemic

এপ্রিল ২৭, ২০১৩Health

Dhaka, 27 April, Abnews: Latin America faces a cancer epidemic unless governments act quickly to improve health care systems and treat the poor, scientists said. The researchers pointed to around 13 deaths for every 22 cancer cases in the region, compared to around 13 deaths for every 37 cases in… বিস্তারিত »

Beijing city reports first human case of H7N9 bird flu

এপ্রিল ১৩, ২০১৩Health

Dhaka, 13 April, Abnews: A seven-year-old girl in Beijing has been infected with H7N9 bird flu, the state-run news agency Xinhua reported Saturday, the first confirmed case in the Chinese capital. Until the announcement all 43 previous human cases of the H7N9 outbreak, 11 of which had been fatal, had… বিস্তারিত »

Nelson Mandela discharged from hospital

এপ্রিল ৬, ২০১৩Health

Dhaka, 06 April 2013, Abnews: Nelson Mandela, 94, has been discharged from hospital. The former South African president, 94, spent nine days under treatment for pneumonia. A statement from the office of the country’s president, Jacob Zuma, said: ‘(He) has been discharged from hospital today, 6 April, following a sustained… বিস্তারিত »