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High levels sex hormones tied to breast cancer risk

জুলাই ২৫, ২০১৩Health

Dhaka, 25 July, Abnews : Younger women with high levels of sex hormones in their blood are at an increased risk of breast cancer, a new Oxford study has found. The researchers looked at data on hormone levels in the blood of up to 760 premenopausal women with breast cancer… বিস্তারিত »

20 children dead from school meal in India : 27 ill

জুলাই ১৭, ২০১৩Health

Dhaka, 17 July, Abnews : Nine more school students died today due to food poisoning after consuming mid-day meal at a government primary school in Bihar’s Saran district taking the death toll to 20, official sources said. Twenty seven others, including the woman cook, were taken seriously ill and have… বিস্তারিত »

Legendary singer Manna Dey is recovering

জুলাই ৮, ২০১৩Health

Dhaka, 08 July, Abnews : Playback legend Manna Dey, who was said to be in critical condition till a few days ago, is recovering in hospital. The 94-year-old singer was taken off the ventilator two days ago and was even relaxing on a chair and listening to music yesterday, sources… বিস্তারিত »

New gene sequencing yields healthy baby

জুলাই ৮, ২০১৩Health

Dhaka, 08 July, Abnews : Scientists said Monday they had used a new-generation gene sequencing technique to select a viable embryo for in- vitro fertilisation (IVF) that yielded a healthy baby boy. IVF, the process whereby a human egg is fertilised with sperm in the laboratory, is a hit-and-miss affair,… বিস্তারিত »

Minorities & poor receive fewer strong painkillers

জুলাই ৭, ২০১৩Health

Dhaka, 07 July, Abnews : The powerful painkillers, which include codeine and oxycodone, have been in the spotlight recently as deaths from overdoses rise and more drugs end up in the hands of people taking them for non-medical purposes. Past studies have found that blacks in pain don’t receive opioids… বিস্তারিত »

Long term night shifts may double breast cancer risk

জুলাই ২, ২০১৩Health

Dhaka, 02 July, Abnews : Working night shifts for more than 30 years can double a woman’s risk of developing breast cancer, scientists have warned. In a study published in the British Medical Journal, Canadian researchers assessed whether night shifts were linked to an increased risk of breast cancer. They… বিস্তারিত »

Manisha gets high on life after battling cancer

জুন ২৯, ২০১৩Health

Dhaka, 29 June, Abnews : I am going to make the rest of my life, the best of my life. Home, Love, read Manisha Koirala’s status update on Blackberry Messenger on Thursday— her first morning in Mumbai in seven months. She left for New York in December to undergo treatment… বিস্তারিত »

Nelson Mandela in critical condition

জুন ২৪, ২০১৩Health

Dhaka, 24 June, Abnews : Nelson Mandela is in a critical condition in hospital, South Africa’s presidency said late Sunday, marking a sudden and significant deterioration in the health of the former leader and anti-apartheid hero. The condition of former president Nelson Mandela, who is still in hospital in Pretoria,… বিস্তারিত »

Maternal Health Voucher Scheme in every upazila : PM

জুন ১৯, ২০১৩Health

Dhaka, 19 June, Abnews : The government has initiated expansion of the ‘Maternal Health Voucher Scheme’ in all upazilas to ensure healthcare services for poor mothers during pregnancy and pre and post delivery period. In each phase twenty upazila will come under the innovative project, a specialized form of demand-side… বিস্তারিত »

PM’s call to enrich Unani-Ayurvedic sector

জুন ১৬, ২০১৩Health

Dhaka, 16 June, Abnews : Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina today called upon the Unani and Aurvedic physicians to enrich this branch of medical science by utilizing patriotism, labour, merit and knowledge. The government would undertake necessary steps if the Unani-Ayurvedic Board sends a planning proposal to the health ministry, she… বিস্তারিত »